How to Start a Coffee Business for Beginners

Today, a growing number of shops and cafes provide a variety of coffees. Like mushrooms in the rainy season, people are even confused about where to hang out in the coffee shop. This is because coffee has become one of the most popular drinks in England since then.

Coffee drinks do not know the circles, both lower and upper class. Because of this, many entrepreneurs in Indonesia are trying to open coffee shops, which have great business opportunities and promising.

Nevertheless, it all depends on the manner of management. If management and manager are good, it can certainly benefit. But if it is bad, it will get a less satisfactory result. Moreover, you have to compete with other coffee shops.

If you really like coffee and the ins and outs of coffee, there’s nothing wrong with trying to do business by opening a coffee shop or café. Because, surely there will be some who will come to enjoy your coffee.

Apparently, opening the business of the coffee shop was not as easy as reversing the palms. Moreover, you still belong to beginners. You have to be able to compete with other coffee shops that already exist first.

So, what are some ways to start a coffee shop business for beginners? Let’s see the explanation.

1. Ensure Sufficient Capital

The most key thing when you want to start any business is to have capital. Capital is one of the most important things to think about before starting a business. Without capital, you won’t be able to start a business.

For the coffee shop business, you can start with 100 dollars. However, it depends on what you need when you want to open a coffee shop.

One thing you should be aware of, this coffee business is actually just need coffee and hot water only. If you’ve been hard to have a place, then you can use a simple manual rendering tool.

It’s a good idea to start with a simple coffee shop and never be forced to make a fancy coffee shop. After all, you have to see how your financial skills are. However, if you have enough capital, it is legitimate that you make the coffee shop as good as possible according to your taste.

2. Business Concepts

When you start a business, then you should be hard to think about the concept in a mature. So, you do not random and haphazardly open the coffee shop business. This is because the coffee shop competition is so strict. If you do not have a strong concept, then the coffee shop that you build will fall.

For that, create a concept that can help attract many consumers. All you have to look at, the concept you use to open a coffee shop will greatly affect the development of the business. For example, you carry a modern concept but simple, then the coffee menu provided must also conform to the concept built.

Or you want to use concepts that prioritize local customs and culture, then all must actually use the traditional atmosphere of the area. That way, whatever concept you use, you still need to prioritize your comfort. Because, most people want to enjoy coffee in a café or tavern while relaxing and a cozy atmosphere.

3. Business Locations

The location strongly determines the business you are living in. If you choose a location in a crowded neighborhood, then your coffee shop will be crowded. Conversely, if you choose a quiet location, it will be deserted as well. However, it all depends on the concept you made earlier.

It’s a good idea to target the locations adjacent to the crowded centers such as offices, malls, schools, campuses and others. Do not forget to try to make a different design of coffee shop that you will build.

4. Business Promotion

If you are a beginner in any business including coffee, promotion and marketing strategy is a very important thing in doing business. Because, to introduce your business to the community, you should be able to promote your efforts.

To promote your business can be a variety of ways. It can be word of mouth, make your coffee shop review to make use of social media. Don’t forget to give a discount for certain moments.

In addition to business promotion, you also need to be able to continue innovating, to maintain the existence of coffee shop and grow your business. Because, today’s coffee shop competition is strict. If you are late, then we will be more of a lag.

5. Define your target Customers

What kind of Target consumers will come to your coffee shop is also very important and you should take a look. Before starting a business, you have to think about and determine in advance who is the right target for your coffee shop business. Whether your customers are only for youth, students, adults, lower-class communities, middle-class, upscale, mixed, and more.

Once you’ve determined your target consumers, you’ll also need to start analyzing, how much you’ll have to offer for coffee-sold, how much they’re doing, what they think of coffee flavors, what they’re doing, and how your coffee shop concept is.

Understanding the consumer well and determining the target, means you can determine the right strategy such as business location, suitable coffee shop design, good price, and so on.

6. Find the right Supplier

You should also be good at finding the right supplier for your coffee shop. For example, suppose you determine your target consumer is lower middle class. Means you can find a supplier easily on the market.

However, if your target consumer is the upper middle class that is more concerned with flavour than price, then you should look for a good quality coffee supplier, and not enough with instant ground coffee sold on the market only. Therefore, look for a coffee supplier that can provide good quality with a suitable price, and can certainly be trusted and invited to work together.

Well that’s some tips to start a coffee business for beginners. Make sure you also have to be able to manage the incoming and outgoing finances in order for your company’s cash flow to run properly.